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Write An Argumentative Essay On Social Media

Social media is like a flower with thorns. It is assumed that social media is the reason for many problems of today and solution to many issues as well. By reading this sentence you may have some biased thoughts in your mind. Exactly, you need the same arguments that provoke your audience to speak up and present their views about social media and issues.

The argumentative essay should be debatable. Some students find it tough to search for current topics that are debatable and doable. Writing does not belong to everyone and if you’re also one of them and wishing if someone else could write essay for me, then you must chill out as it is totally possible. You can take writing assistance from the best essay writing services that are affordable and provide plagiarism free content.

Since social media is influencing people all over the globe. It has made it a global village, where people share their ideas, works, skills, services, business, and many more. There is nothing left that you can’t find on social media.

Therefore, you can search for an argumentative topic for your essay on social media. Simply go through all the current events, news, and happenings which are arguable.

You can also check other relevant sources to get an idea for your argumentative essay such as:

  • Textbooks
  • Informative Videos
  • Magazines
  • Academic Journals
  • Official Reports
  • Newspapers
  • Interviews

For selecting argumentative topics, you need to keep it in your mind that the topic you’re selecting is doable? Is it possible for you to collect data on that selected topic? What will be your method of collecting data and what sources you can use? Consider all these points while selecting a topic for you.

In this article, there are some effective argumentative topics that are given below:

  • Sharing videos and files over the internet help students to earn money
  • Virtual communication VS face to face communication
  • Parental control provoke children to watch adult videos
  • Personal details over the internet are never personal
  • Social media has a great influence on children
  • Social media, body image and young girls
  • The best place to promote your business is Facebook
  • Social media is spreading radicalization
  • Social media is helpful in promoting interfaith harmony
  • Positive and negative aspects of social media
  • The level of technology should be more advanced
  • Religious scholars use social media to manipulate people
  • Social media has created distance between people
  • People are living fake lives on social media
  • Social media has created a sense of insecurity

You can write an amazing essay on any of these topics. But remember that only topic selection is not enough, you should know how to outline your essay and how to drive it in a proper direction. Circumstances and logical write my essay results is a type of writing wherein a writer decides and examines the purposes for a situation and its belongings.

How To Outline Your Essay On Social Media?

Argumentative essays should have a clear structure so that your readers can understand your point. For writing a good argumentative essay you need to structure it as:


The opening paragraph of your essay should have an outline of your whole idea and the meaning of your variables. You need to explain briefly the topic or idea and the background. In this paragraph, you actually make the base of your essay on which you’ll be able to construct your essay.

Thesis Statement:

It should be added in the first paragraph and it is a concise summary of your whole idea.

Body Paragraphs:

A classical essay has three or sometimes more paragraphs. It describes why you support your thesis statement and why you have opted for this statement. Every paragraph of your body paragraphs should hold a different idea or proof and mention the write the logical statement. It will convince your audience to accept your point of view.


It is based on a single paragraph that summarizes your thesis and again proves all the arguments that you’ve made.

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